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Our Cats

8 Oct

I’ve spent a few days at my dad’s house is Askim, which of course is always very nice. My dad has three adorable cats, which I just have to show off a bit here. Their names are Bosse, Tjukken and Mora. Tjukken and Mora means “Fatty” and “Mum” by the way, and Mora is Tjukkens mum 😉

Bosse has been in the family the longest, but a few years back when my dad bought my brother’s house he also got Tjukken and Mora with the buy. All the cats handled the transition quite well, and even though they aren’t exactly best friends they do live together quite nicely.


Bosse is a rather old cat now, and quite lazy. He’s VERY attached to my dad, but he likes attention and cuddles from anyone who offers. He’s sceptical to all strange animals and other cats, and a bit of a loner, but he did adjust well to moving in with the two other cats. Once in a blue moon he even wants to play with them! Bosse is by the way a huge coward, even though he’s quite big and strong.


More is an adorable little cat, who absolutely loves attention and cuddles. She loves humans, but absolutely hates other cats. She feels that she’s quite superior the tho other furballs, and does not want to spend more time with then than she has to. If Tjukken comes too close because he wants to play she’s quick to hit and scratch him to put him in his place. What a good mum, right? She’s always purring, and can often be found sleeping in my bed when she’s not out and about on adventures.


Tjukken is quite the character. He is easily the most outgoing and social of the cats, and is often trying to catch both ours and theirs attention, which results in a lot of “talking” from his side. He actually rarely shuts up. He often wants to play with Bosse and Mora, but unfortunately he mostly fails in engaging them. His favorite spot is on the top of the armchair, and he loves it when we spin the chair around. His own personal carousel!

Aren’t they cute?

Oh, and I’m dog sitting Spencer again this week, so there will probably be a few dog pictures coming up the next days 😉