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Saturday night with Spencer

13 Oct

Hello, hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend so far 🙂 I know I have, starting on Friday with a girls night in with Agrin and Lena. We always have such a good time with a lot of laughter when we meet up, so it’s definitely something we should do more often.

Spencer has also been with us the last week, which has been wonderful, I do love having a dog around the house. He got picked up last night, so I made sure to fill his last day here for a while with LOTS of cuddles and play, and we went for a looong and nice walk. I also had to do a little photoshoot with him, he is so beautiful that I have to show him off quite a bit 😉 It’s hard to get good pictures though, as he’s always moving his head or coming towards me for an ear scratch when I’m trying to snap a photo. I did manage to take some really nice ones though!

Spencer's favourite spot.

Spencer’s favourite spot.

He loves to cuddle up here.

He loves to cuddle up here.

"Are you done taking pictures soon?"

“Are you done taking pictures yet?”



What a handsome lad!

What a handsome lad!

It’s shaping up to be a good Sunday as well, even though we’re missing the sound of Spencer sniffing around. I’m not feeling in tip-top shape, but I don’t have anything stressful planned today, so I’ll just stay in, watch some TV-shows and fill up on the sweet buns I made on Friday. Perfect unhealthy weekend snack! 😉

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday 🙂


Election Day

9 Sep

Hello everybody!

Today is Norway’s parliamentary election 2013, and hopefully everyone who can has voted, it’s an extremily important right we have and that should be used. I was downtown and voted earlier today, and I’m feeling quite happy with my choice. It’s almost impossible finding a political party that you will agree with 100%, but it’s important to look at the big picture. It always annoys me when people let ONE factor decide for them, that sort of thinking is far too simple. And if you don’t agree at all with a single party, then you always have to choice to cast a protest vote (or a blank vote), which is so much better than not voting at all.

Rock The Vote

Otherwise I haven’t done much lately. Spencer has been visiting again, and just left yesterday, and we’ve had lots of fun playing and going for walks together. He’s such a good dog, I’m so grateful that I get to dog sit him as much as I do, I’ve really grown so fond of him.

Spencer in the livingroom

Spencer being excited about grass

Spencer outside

Spencer in the gardenIsn’t he beautiful?

Moments Of Joy

28 Aug

Spencer is never happier than when he can run around freely, and his joy is so contagious! We’ve been playing and running around in the park today, and that makes one happy dog!

But of course, we enjoy our moments inside as well. He likes to cuddle up by my feet while I’m in bed, which I don’t mind a single bit 🙂 I’m currently rereading the A Song of Ice and Fire-series, and since my room is really starting to come together now it’s so much nicer to spend some time there than it used to be. Will probably post quite a few pictures of it when I feel it’s finished.

SpencerSpencer out!

We’ve got a visitor!

27 Aug

Today we went to visit the owners of lovely Spencer and Modesty, which is always nice, and took Spencer back home with us for a couple of days. He needed dog sitters, and we’re always ready to welcome him into our home! He’s already settled in and seems to be enjoying himself, and we can’t stop doting on him.

Modesty, the little Pomeranian didn’t come with us, but I still had to snap quite a few pictures of her before we went. She’s such a cutie 🙂

Modesty hiding under the sofa.

Modesty hiding under the sofa.

Modesty under the sofa.

Modesty under the sofa.

Lovely Spencer

Lovely Spencer

What's up?

What’s up?

Bit tired.

Bit tired.

Aaand settled it at our place.

Aaand settled in at our place.

It’ll be very nice having a dog here again for a litte while. Especially Spencer, who is so well behaved and cuddly. Even though August is almost at an end, the weather is still really good, so we’ll try to get some really nice trips  with him while it’s still sunny and nice. Starting now 😉