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Saturday night with Spencer

13 Oct

Hello, hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend so far 🙂 I know I have, starting on Friday with a girls night in with Agrin and Lena. We always have such a good time with a lot of laughter when we meet up, so it’s definitely something we should do more often.

Spencer has also been with us the last week, which has been wonderful, I do love having a dog around the house. He got picked up last night, so I made sure to fill his last day here for a while with LOTS of cuddles and play, and we went for a looong and nice walk. I also had to do a little photoshoot with him, he is so beautiful that I have to show him off quite a bit 😉 It’s hard to get good pictures though, as he’s always moving his head or coming towards me for an ear scratch when I’m trying to snap a photo. I did manage to take some really nice ones though!

Spencer's favourite spot.

Spencer’s favourite spot.

He loves to cuddle up here.

He loves to cuddle up here.

"Are you done taking pictures soon?"

“Are you done taking pictures yet?”



What a handsome lad!

What a handsome lad!

It’s shaping up to be a good Sunday as well, even though we’re missing the sound of Spencer sniffing around. I’m not feeling in tip-top shape, but I don’t have anything stressful planned today, so I’ll just stay in, watch some TV-shows and fill up on the sweet buns I made on Friday. Perfect unhealthy weekend snack! 😉

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday 🙂


Our Cats

8 Oct

I’ve spent a few days at my dad’s house is Askim, which of course is always very nice. My dad has three adorable cats, which I just have to show off a bit here. Their names are Bosse, Tjukken and Mora. Tjukken and Mora means “Fatty” and “Mum” by the way, and Mora is Tjukkens mum 😉

Bosse has been in the family the longest, but a few years back when my dad bought my brother’s house he also got Tjukken and Mora with the buy. All the cats handled the transition quite well, and even though they aren’t exactly best friends they do live together quite nicely.


Bosse is a rather old cat now, and quite lazy. He’s VERY attached to my dad, but he likes attention and cuddles from anyone who offers. He’s sceptical to all strange animals and other cats, and a bit of a loner, but he did adjust well to moving in with the two other cats. Once in a blue moon he even wants to play with them! Bosse is by the way a huge coward, even though he’s quite big and strong.


More is an adorable little cat, who absolutely loves attention and cuddles. She loves humans, but absolutely hates other cats. She feels that she’s quite superior the tho other furballs, and does not want to spend more time with then than she has to. If Tjukken comes too close because he wants to play she’s quick to hit and scratch him to put him in his place. What a good mum, right? She’s always purring, and can often be found sleeping in my bed when she’s not out and about on adventures.


Tjukken is quite the character. He is easily the most outgoing and social of the cats, and is often trying to catch both ours and theirs attention, which results in a lot of “talking” from his side. He actually rarely shuts up. He often wants to play with Bosse and Mora, but unfortunately he mostly fails in engaging them. His favorite spot is on the top of the armchair, and he loves it when we spin the chair around. His own personal carousel!

Aren’t they cute?

Oh, and I’m dog sitting Spencer again this week, so there will probably be a few dog pictures coming up the next days 😉

Moments Of Joy

28 Aug

Spencer is never happier than when he can run around freely, and his joy is so contagious! We’ve been playing and running around in the park today, and that makes one happy dog!

But of course, we enjoy our moments inside as well. He likes to cuddle up by my feet while I’m in bed, which I don’t mind a single bit 🙂 I’m currently rereading the A Song of Ice and Fire-series, and since my room is really starting to come together now it’s so much nicer to spend some time there than it used to be. Will probably post quite a few pictures of it when I feel it’s finished.

SpencerSpencer out!

We’ve got a visitor!

27 Aug

Today we went to visit the owners of lovely Spencer and Modesty, which is always nice, and took Spencer back home with us for a couple of days. He needed dog sitters, and we’re always ready to welcome him into our home! He’s already settled in and seems to be enjoying himself, and we can’t stop doting on him.

Modesty, the little Pomeranian didn’t come with us, but I still had to snap quite a few pictures of her before we went. She’s such a cutie 🙂

Modesty hiding under the sofa.

Modesty hiding under the sofa.

Modesty under the sofa.

Modesty under the sofa.

Lovely Spencer

Lovely Spencer

What's up?

What’s up?

Bit tired.

Bit tired.

Aaand settled it at our place.

Aaand settled in at our place.

It’ll be very nice having a dog here again for a litte while. Especially Spencer, who is so well behaved and cuddly. Even though August is almost at an end, the weather is still really good, so we’ll try to get some really nice trips  with him while it’s still sunny and nice. Starting now 😉


Sweeten Up Your Night

11 Aug

I must admit to being one of those persons who loves all those overly cute pictures and videos of animals. The very thing that causes some people to go in to a sugar shock causes me to sit in front of my computer all night, just watching. So I guess it’s no surprise that Too Cute happens to be one of my favorite TV-shows out there?

I have the impression that there are two kinds of people in the world. There’s the type that as quickly as possible will x their way out of this post and don’t visit my blog for at least a few weeks (I have a suspicion that these people are potensial serial killers), and the kind that’ll stay put infront of the screem making very high pitched “aaaw” noices. Because I simply have to share these extremely over-the-top adorable videos, and hopefully make someones night just a bit sweeter 🙂


And another bonus video of Chico playing 😉 I do miss that little fellow quite a bit. Sigh..

The Summer of the Dogs

11 Aug

I’ve been so lucky this summer that I’ve been able to “babysit” several dogs, which brings a lot of activity and joy to everyday life. Wonderful Spencer, Zorro and Chico have all been with us a week+ each, and we (my mum and I) grow so attached to them quickly and come to love them. We said goodbye to Chico on Thursday which was really sad, but of course we’ll see him again.

I do have to take quite a few pictures of these gorgeous creatures, and I almost have to apologise to my friends who have been bombarded with dog pictures throughout the summer 😉 So I’ll show some of them off here instead.

Spencer is a mix between Springer Spaniel and Border Collie and is the kindest dog in the world. He is very calm, but loved running and we do manage to trick him into a bit of playing every now and then. He has to be close to us constantly, so he never wanders far off. He is also quite the peace maker and intervened right away when he though my mum and I were fighting (she was tickling me). Spencer wants everyone to be friends, which is such a great quality.

Spencer og Hdvig



Zorro is a Shetland Sheepdog and such a charmer! I’ve never met a dog who can express so much joy as Zorro, when we bring out his harness he gets so happy that he almost doesn’t know what to do with himself, so he must run around the house a few times expressing his happiness before we can go anywhere. He always wants to show you how much he loves you with kisses and hugs, which is so lovely. Zorro’s favorite toy turned out to be my soft case for my glasses.

Zorro og Hedvig




Chico is a mix between Bichon Frisé and Lhasa Apso, and has just turned one year old, so he’s still very much a pup in many ways, and therefore loaded with energy and playfulness! Until he suddenly collapses on the floor with a snort 😉 He’s super social and wants to befriend every animal and human he meets. He is also really good at standing on his hindlegs to show off. Some of his favorite activities are killing his toys and playing football. Chico also loves showering and getting dry by the blowdryer.


Chico fresh out of the shower:

Nydusja Chico

Chico meeting a potensial friend:

Chico møter en potensiell venn.

I’m so looking forward to visiting and pet sitting these beauties more in the future!

Bonus video: