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Move along

22 Feb

From now on you will find me blogging about literature, film and culture over at Heddy’s Library 🙂


Follow me on Bloglovin :)

9 Apr

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For those who don’t have WordPress, but still wants to follow my blog 🙂

I plan to start updating my blog again the coming week, with more focus on book reviews, tips and advice, and general thoughs on life. Hiatus over soon!

Goodbye 2013

31 Dec

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I haven’t blogged at all this Christmas, but oh well, that happens 😉

I’ve had such a great Christmas, and I so appreciate having a holiday when the winter is at its darkest, it really lights up the season!
There’s been a lot of great food, some really nice visits from friends and family and of course some really wonderful presents. I’ve gotten so many gifts related to cooking this year, which I really appreciate, I’ll be making lots of tasty food this year! I haven’t taken a lot of photos during the holiday, but just enough so I can show you how my Christmas has been 😉

I’m spendig my New Years Eve at home, me and my mum are having an amazing lamb dinner, drinking champage and watching the Royal Variety Show, which has become a tradition in our house. I hope you’ve all had a great year, and that the next one will be even better. Happy New Year to all! 😀