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Life Changes

15 Apr

I think everyone finds change a little bit scary, even though it’s something we all have to go through quite a lot in our lives. The most scariest changes are the ones you are forced to make yourself, where you make an active choice knowing it will change everything about your current situation and affect your whole future. The past year I’ve been struggling a lot with some life-changing decisions, and frankly it’s scared the hell out of me. It’s been no secret that my life the past year, I had to take a break from my studies and move back home because everything became a bit too much and I was struggling with depression and anxiety. And I started thinking about my current situation and if I was actually happy with it, or if I just kept going because the other options were too scary.

And I found out I actually wanted a change. I don’t want to continue my teacher studies. I want to do something completely different. So I’ve decided to quit and start something else. This decision was made some months ago, but I’m just starting to tell everybody about it now, and I’m feeling really good about it. It is a big change, I have to start completely over again, and sadly I have to move to a new city, which will be exciting, but also means that I won’t live near some of my best friends. And of course there is the feeling that I’ve wasted 3 years of my life, but I’m trying not to think of it that way. After all, I’ve learned and gained a lot these past few years. I made some amazing friends, I’ve learned to live away from home, I learned a lot from my studies, and I enjoyed them as well. Yes, even though I’m quitting, I did enjoy them. I found out it’s what after the teaching studies I don’t really want to do. If that makes any sense. At least it does to me.

In August I will be starting a bachelor degree in library & information science, which is in Oslo. My initial doubts and fear whether this is the right thing to do or not has started to fade, and I’m feeling more and more confident about this decision everyday. I’m actually really starting to look forward to it, and I’m feeling like I’m actively taking part in my life again. I still have everyday struggles with a lot of bad thoughts affecting me, but I’m getting help and I do actually believe that everything is going to turn out alright now.

And just because, I’m ending this post with this wonderful picture of Chico and me 🙂

Hedvig and Chico


The Day of the Doctor

1 Dec

Right, so I should really have posted this a week ago, but that didn’t happen. Oh well!

About a week ago I went to the cinema to see the 50th Anniversay of Doctor, which was absolutely brilliant! It was amazing how the whole cinema was full of Whovians, half of which had Sonic Screwdrivers, lots of people with fezzes, suspenders, scarfs and stuff like that. I LOVE fellow Whovians, we’re such a nice group of people!


I was so so happy with the episode, seeing David Tennant as the Doctor again was amazing, and John Hurt did such a good job as the “missing” Doctor. I must admit that season 7 hasn’t been the best in my opinion, but luckily The Day of the Doctor picked things up big time! I also greatly appreciated the many easter eggs and references to earlier episodes and seasons, and old familiar faces returning. I won’t spoil anything about the episode here, I just want to recommend everyone who hasnt seen it to DO SO NOW!

In other news I had to acquire my own Sonic of course, which has quickly become my new favorite thing EVER. It’s super cool, based on River Song’s from the future when the Doctor first met her. So now I can open all doors and locks if I should ever need to (as long as they’re not made of wood…).

Sonic Screwdriver

I’m so phsyced about the Christmas episode coming out next, I really can’t wait beeing introduced to the new Doctor! Hopefully I’ll find something to occupy my time until then..

Hedvig out!

The Hospital

31 Oct

Phew, it’s been some crazy last couple of days, and not in the good way, but luckily it turned out well in the end! On Monday I was admitted to the hospital because of a big blood clot in the lungs, which of course was not how I’d planned to start the week. Luckily I responded really well to the treatment, and could go home after only two days, and I must say I’m overjoyed to be home again, even though I wasn’t gone long.

It all started a bit after midday on Monday when I was talking a walk with lovely little Chico. After only about 200 metres it suddenly felt like I’d run a marathon, I had trouble breathing and suddenly became unconscious and hit the ground. Luckily there was a man nearby who came running when he saw me, and helped me get home. Even though it was only a short trip it felt like a mile,  the breathing issues I had were so bad, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.  Chico was by the way very good and calm the whole time, so glad he didn’t run away when I fainted. And even gladder that I didn’t fall on top of him 😉

At home I quickly got in touch with my mum who rushed me to the doctor where they did a bunch of tests to figure this out. At first they thought it was a common decrease in blood pressure, which isn’t really unusual to have, but luckily my wonderful doctor started suspecting it could be something more serious when observing my dangerously low drop in oxygen saturation whenever I made the smallest physical effort. Since she suspected a clot in my lungs I was taken to the hospital in Fredrikstad with an amnulance, which was very non-dramatic and where I was connected to an oxygen mask which made breathing a lot easier. Wonderful!

Arriving at the ER was a positive experiene, even though I was a bit frigthened, I can only say positive things about the doctors and nurses who helped me. It would be incredibly boring if I were to go over all the details of what happened there, as it was mainly waiting and performing various tests. A CT-scan showed that it was in fact a blod clot that was causing my issues, and I was transferred to the medical monitoring ward and started treatment. I have to give major props to the people who worked at the ward, I was so well taken care of and they were all so nice and helpful. I felt very safe, which helps a lot when you’re gonna spend the night a place that’s quite scary where a lot of critically ill people are also staying, and you have needles in you everywhere.

In hospital

After a day at the monitoring ward I was transferred to a ward for cancer- and blood diseases for pasients out of the critical phase, where everything was much more quiet, and things went slower, which was a bit of a difficult change. Even though I didn’t have to be connected to all these wires anymore, it still felt much scarier to be there, because there weren’t nurses and doctors around me at all times. It was also quite weird to be somewhere where all the other patients were so much older, I was clearly the youngest person there by far. But of course everyone was lovely at this ward as wall, and I quickly felt better. It also helped that my mum was with me a lot of the time, and in the evening my dad, my sibling Joakim and Marianne, and Astrid (Marianne’s mum) also came to visit me. They even brought pizza with them so I didn’t have to eat hospital dinner 😉 Very grateful! Visits by friends and family are so comforting when feeling a bit scared and alone!

Hospital 2

The day after I received the wonderful news that I could go home since I had improved so much and the blood thinners worked so well. Wohoo! I had to talk a bit with the doctor and a specialist nurse about the medicine that I will be taking for the next 6 months, how important it is that I take them correctly, how and why they work, and stuff like that, and then my mum could take me home, where I am now 🙂 I’m taking things slowly and I’m not to push myself in anyway the next few days as my lungs did take a toll, which I do still feel, but I’m getting better every day.

It feels so good to be home, to wear my own clothes and sleep in my own bed! The hospital stay felt so much longer than two days, and I hope I don’t offend anyone who has been or currently is admitted for longer by saying so. As I mentioned I’m taking thing slowly, but I’ve managed to carve and decorate a pumpkin today, it is Halloween after all 😉 Hopefully there’ll be quite a few kids trick -or-treating tonight, as we have a lot of candy ready to give 🙂 Happy Halloween everybody, and hope you’re all in good health (and that I also will continue to be)!

Our Cats

8 Oct

I’ve spent a few days at my dad’s house is Askim, which of course is always very nice. My dad has three adorable cats, which I just have to show off a bit here. Their names are Bosse, Tjukken and Mora. Tjukken and Mora means “Fatty” and “Mum” by the way, and Mora is Tjukkens mum 😉

Bosse has been in the family the longest, but a few years back when my dad bought my brother’s house he also got Tjukken and Mora with the buy. All the cats handled the transition quite well, and even though they aren’t exactly best friends they do live together quite nicely.


Bosse is a rather old cat now, and quite lazy. He’s VERY attached to my dad, but he likes attention and cuddles from anyone who offers. He’s sceptical to all strange animals and other cats, and a bit of a loner, but he did adjust well to moving in with the two other cats. Once in a blue moon he even wants to play with them! Bosse is by the way a huge coward, even though he’s quite big and strong.


More is an adorable little cat, who absolutely loves attention and cuddles. She loves humans, but absolutely hates other cats. She feels that she’s quite superior the tho other furballs, and does not want to spend more time with then than she has to. If Tjukken comes too close because he wants to play she’s quick to hit and scratch him to put him in his place. What a good mum, right? She’s always purring, and can often be found sleeping in my bed when she’s not out and about on adventures.


Tjukken is quite the character. He is easily the most outgoing and social of the cats, and is often trying to catch both ours and theirs attention, which results in a lot of “talking” from his side. He actually rarely shuts up. He often wants to play with Bosse and Mora, but unfortunately he mostly fails in engaging them. His favorite spot is on the top of the armchair, and he loves it when we spin the chair around. His own personal carousel!

Aren’t they cute?

Oh, and I’m dog sitting Spencer again this week, so there will probably be a few dog pictures coming up the next days 😉

Hidden Treasures

23 Aug

I’ve spent the day going through some old stuff hidden away in my closet, and I found so many old drawings, paintings, diplomas and drawing books from school (I went to Waldorf school where we made our own books by writing and illustrating). Hidden treasures! So many things I can’t throw away, there are so many memories attached to them, and a few of them are actually quite nice!

Of course I just had to show them off 😉


12 Aug

I woke up to the sound of thunder this morning, which I don’t mind at all. There’s something quite cozy and atmospheric about thunder, and you don’t have to feel bad for wrapping yourself in a blanket and park yourself in front of the screen with a cup of tea. One of the most important things you can do (actually the most important thing in the wolrd) to maximise the cozy feeling is to have a mug that matches your current mood. I’m starting to get quite the collection of cool mugs that are VERY me, even though a few of them are still in my place in Trondheim. Will go and get all my stuff on Friday!

Fire yndlinger nå for tida.

Denne fikk jeg av broren min i bursdagsgave. Er den ikke kul?

Mikke Mus

I think I’m simply a collector type of person when I find stuff I like. Like Disney films and cool mugs. I’m guessing I’m not the only one though? 😉

Sweeten Up Your Night

11 Aug

I must admit to being one of those persons who loves all those overly cute pictures and videos of animals. The very thing that causes some people to go in to a sugar shock causes me to sit in front of my computer all night, just watching. So I guess it’s no surprise that Too Cute happens to be one of my favorite TV-shows out there?

I have the impression that there are two kinds of people in the world. There’s the type that as quickly as possible will x their way out of this post and don’t visit my blog for at least a few weeks (I have a suspicion that these people are potensial serial killers), and the kind that’ll stay put infront of the screem making very high pitched “aaaw” noices. Because I simply have to share these extremely over-the-top adorable videos, and hopefully make someones night just a bit sweeter 🙂


And another bonus video of Chico playing 😉 I do miss that little fellow quite a bit. Sigh..