A kingdom of isolation

10 May

I might not have a kingdom to myself (thank goodness), but I do have a house! I’m cat-sitting my dad’s three cats while he’s away ’till Wednesday, and I really appreciate being able to have some time just completely to myself. Well, myself and the cats. I am quite a social person and I love hanging out with friends and meeting people, but I also need to be alone once in a while. I don’t get easily bored, and I find great pleasure in solitude, often with a book, scrapping, cooking or just watching TV. When I’m completely alone, with no close neighbours I can stop worrying about making too much noise, and play loud music all night or sing ’till my lungs almost explode. Which I do quite a lot. Some of the most common activities I do while alone includes:

  • Singing  and acting out One Day More, doing all the voices and the marching.
  • Belting out Let It Go, On My Own and Defying Gravity over and over again.
  • Pretending I’m in a musical featuring myself and my life.
  • Finding the scripts of various films and voice-acting them. All by myself.
  • Give one of my favourite songs the Google Translate-treatment (send it through 10 languages,and then back to the original) and then sing it out loud. (Yes, very much inspired by the amazing Malinda Kathleen Reese).
  • Practice the dance routines from Cats. Even though I’m a shitty dancer.

Oh god, these poor cats..

The only thing I’m not too happy about in my isolated state is the fact that I have to watch Eurovision alone tonight! Noooo! I love watching Eurovision with other people, having a laugh about how absolutely ridiculous most of the entries are, trying to guess the scores, and just making a really fun evening out of it. I’ll be watching it on my own tonight, but at least I’ve planned some “Skype dates” with some friends, so we’ll have an active commentary session throughout the show. Yey!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about spending some time on your own, and what you usually do when there’s no one around. Feel free to leave a comment! Hope everyone is having a great weekend 🙂

Hedvig April


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