Election Day

9 Sep

Hello everybody!

Today is Norway’s parliamentary election 2013, and hopefully everyone who can has voted, it’s an extremily important right we have and that should be used. I was downtown and voted earlier today, and I’m feeling quite happy with my choice. It’s almost impossible finding a political party that you will agree with 100%, but it’s important to look at the big picture. It always annoys me when people let ONE factor decide for them, that sort of thinking is far too simple. And if you don’t agree at all with a single party, then you always have to choice to cast a protest vote (or a blank vote), which is so much better than not voting at all.

Rock The Vote

Otherwise I haven’t done much lately. Spencer has been visiting again, and just left yesterday, and we’ve had lots of fun playing and going for walks together. He’s such a good dog, I’m so grateful that I get to dog sit him as much as I do, I’ve really grown so fond of him.

Spencer in the livingroom

Spencer being excited about grass

Spencer outside

Spencer in the gardenIsn’t he beautiful?


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