The Joys of Cooking

4 Sep

Ever since I moved away from home my interest in cooking has steadily increased, and of course I’ve also gotten a lot better at it. Now that I’m back home again I’m pretty sure everyone here is pretty grateful for that, and I think it’s so much fun to be making food for other people. The everyday cooking is not my favorite thing, but the minute I know I’m making something that others can enjoy it’s so much more fun.

One of the things I like the most is finding inspiration for new things to make, finding a recipe online and then adding your own ideas to that to truly make it your own dish. I love to browse different food apps on my smartphone, there are so many different things to try out!

Tonight I’ve been making garlic chicken meatballs for my mum, as she’s going on a work trip tomorrow where everyone is bringing a dish each. Since I’m more into cooking of the two of us it’s only natural that I’d help out 😉 They turned out great, the house smells of garlic and I really have to contain myself not to eat them all!

Making the chicken meatballs.

The most boring part of the job..

The most boring part of the job..

The finished product :D

The finished product 😀

Tomorrow Spencer is coming over for another visit, and my dad is also dropping by which is really nice. I’m gonna have to make us something nice to eat, maybe bake something?


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