Moving Back to Sarpsborg

23 Aug

Phew! Last night we arrived back in Sarpsborg after a week in Trøndelag, and with all of my stuff from my old place. We spent about 8 hours on the road with one stop, so I’m quite over car trips for the moment..

It feels quite weird having moved back to Sarpsborg after 3 years in Trondheim, but I’ll get used to it. I know I’ll move back eventually, as my heart does belong to Trondheim, it’s such a wonderful city and I spent so many important childhood years there. But right now it feels good staying here, eventhough I’m gonna visit up north a lot the following year, I have so many amazing friends there that I need to be with.

The car we drove was absolutely loaded yesterday, we couldn’t even have fitted one more tiny pillow in it! Luckily it was just enough space for my things. And now it’s all unloaded in my room, and I’m dreading the unpacking.. Where am I gonna put it all???

My old room in Trondheim after packing absolutely all my stuff and cleaning it. So empty!

Fully loaded!

Fully loaded!

And beneath is (some of) said stuff stuffed in my room here in Sarpsborg!

Sarpsborg 1

Sarpsborg 2

I think I’m gonna need to work on some clever space saving solutions..


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