Into the Woods

11 Aug

My mum is, to put it mildly, obsessed with mushrooms, so during a typical day she will often take two or three trips out to the forest to find and photograph various fungi. Even though I can’t say I share her passion, I do think it’s nice to tag along every now and then, the trip is nice and there are so many beautiful and interesting things you can find in the forest. And I am actually becoming quite good at recognizing fungal species now!

Even though the weather was quite grey and uncertain today we were lucky enough to escape the rain and even get some sunshine on our excursion. Now that we’re safe inside again the heavens can open for all I care, I think it’s quite cozy sitting inside at night while it’s pouring down inside, with a nice cup of tea and some sweets.

In the forest we met this cute little creature! I think frogs are so insanely cute, so I always have to (carefully) pick them up to say hi 😉


My mum also found this hunk lying around earlier this same day. What a guy!


Now it’s time for my weekend snacks, taco and relaxing. Let the rain pour!


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